Taxpayers for Cannon
Cannon Mountain Ski Area, New Hampshire
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New Hampshire taxpayers concerned about the long term future of Cannon Mountain Ski Area in Franconia Notch, New Hampshire

The Cannon Spin
"[W]e're a self-funded, self-managed, State-owned success story" - John DeVivo, Cannon Mountain General Manager

The Cannon Reality
"There needs to be a plan to stop the bleeding" - Catherine Provencher, State Treasurer

Cannon Mountain Ski Area has misled taxpayers, lawmakers, the media, and organizations such as the Appalachian Mountain Club and Society for the Preservation of New Hampshire Forest into believing the operation is self-funded and self-sufficient.

The reality is that Cannon Mountain Ski Area has cost taxpayers millions of dollars while offering little to no benefit to the vast majority of New Hampshire residents.

This site presents the source documents cited by Cannon Mountain management, while also presenting source data conveniently disregarded in the pro-government-management propoganda.

It is time for the New Hampshire government to stop the bleeding and get out of the business of running ski areas.

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